Fiber laser pumping devices based on directional coupling via fused silica ridge waveguide arrays

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Fiber Bragg grating based sensors in conventional double clad large mode area fibers

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Fundamental investigations of ps-laser burst-mode on common metals for an enhanced ablation process

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50W CW output power and 12mJ pulses from a quasi-2-level Yb:YAG ceramic rod laser end-pumped at the 969nm zero-phonon line

Christian Fries; Marco Weitz; Christian Theobald; Patric v. Löwis of Menar; JĂŒrgen Bartschke; Johannes A. L’huillier
Proc. SPIE 9342, Solid State Lasers XXIV: Technology and Devices, 93421O (February 20, 2015); doi:10.1117/12.2079401


All solid-state 191.7 nm deep-UV light source by seventh harmonic generation of an 888 nm pumped, Q-switched 1342 nm Nd:YVO4 laser with excellent beam quality

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Ridge Waveguide Directional Couplers for High Power Fiber Laser Pumping Devices

B. Weigand, C. Dautermann, C. Theobald, S. Wolff, J. A. L’huillier, MNE 2014, Lausanne, September 22-26, Poster P1-14-Tu (2014).

Laser drilling of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) by picosecond laser pulses: comparative study of different drilling tools

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Improved Quality of Drilled Holes in Laminated Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics via Laser-Preprocessing

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Mode-locking of a high power, 888 nm pumped Nd:YVO4 laser using nonlinear polarization rotation via Type I second harmonic generation

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High power laser pulses with voltage controlled durations of 400-1000ps

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Passively mode-locked 1 GHz MOPA system generating sub-500-fs pulses after external compression

T. Ulm, F. Harth, A. Klehr, G. Erbert, J.A. L’huillier, Proceeding Article, Proc. SPIE 8432 (2012)

888 nm pumped 1342 nm Nd:YVO4 oscillator Kerr-lens mode-locked using cascaded second-order nonlinearities

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Fabrication of Ridge Waveguides in LiNbO3

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Laser Microstructuring of Congruent Lithium Niobate by UV ps-pulses

M. Stolze, T. Herrmann, B. Weigand und J. L’huillier , ISAF ECAPD PFM 2012, Aveiro/ Portugal, July 9-13, Paper 109 (2012)

Passively mode-locked 1 GHz MOPA system generating sub-500-fs pulses after external compression

T. Ulm, F. Harth, A. Klehr, G. Erbert, J.A. L’huillier, 8432-32, SPIE Photonics Europe, Brussels (2012)

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